Capital Planning Process

The university utilizes longer-term and mid-term planning processes to determine broad priorities for capital projects and develop multi-year capital plans.  The campus master plan is a longer-term plan (20 to 30 year timeframe) that is intended to guide the use of the institution’s physical infrastructure to support the university’s longer-term priorities and goals.  The university’s current campus master plan can be found on the Facilities Planning and Management website.

A five-year capital plan is also maintained for the university and auxiliary units (residence, athletics, utilities, etc.).  The five-year plan is reviewed and updated annually and is intended to provide the Board of Regents with the university’s future estimated capital needs, as well as a basis for the Board of Regent’s request for state capital appropriations and/or state bonding authority.  Board approval is required for the university’s five-year capital plan, but does not constitute approval to proceed with formal project planning, approval of the sources of funds, nor authorization for fundraising for the projects outlined in the plan.  All projects listed in the plan need to be submitted through the capital projects approval process.